Taylor Made Strength - Non-Liability Agreement

I agree in consideration of the rights and privileges granted by membership at TAYLOR MADE STRENGTH. Does by his/her checking the box on the previous form, his/her family and any successor in interest, that TAYLOR MADE STRENGTH and its officers, directors, employees and other authorized agents, shall not be liable, under any expressed or implied covenant, or otherwise, for any personal injury and/or property damages and/or loss of property, to be undersigned, his/her family or invited quest, occurring in, on, or around TAYLOR MADE STRENGTH, located at 1703 Killingsworth Street in Seminole, Oklahoma. I understand that I am responsible for adhering to the Member Information and Use Guidelines as published by TAYLOR MADE STRENGTH. I further understand and agree that I will insure that my dependents and spouse (if applicable) review, understand and follow the Use Guidelines. My checking the box indicates my agreement and acknowledges receipt of a copy of the current Use Guidelines.