Live a Longer, Happier, Better Life—Starting Now!

Ready to look better, feel better, and have more confidence? Strength, flexibility and fitness is the way we do it at Taylor Made. Join us in the gym for as low as $35 per month!

You’ll Love Your Taylor Made Strength!

Working on your strength, fitness, and flexibility boosts your physical and mental health. Not only will you be able to do the activities you want to in your life, you’ll have more confidence to do them.

This is the membership you’ll love and actually USE. My gym is a motivating environment you’ll want to be in. We play music, we get hyped up, and support each other. Everyone wants to see you do well, just as they’re trying to do well for themselves.

It’s a great place for all levels of experience, whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Taylor Made Strength is the place for you. 

What You Get

Training at Taylor Made will give you results you can see and feel. You’ll be stronger and more flexible for a functional life. You can lose weight and have more energy and endurance. You can improve your posture and balance. You can recover from injuries and get your life back. You’ll gain confidence and enjoy the support of a great community!

How It Works

Our affordable monthly memberships give you full access anytime (24/7) so you can train at your own pace, on your schedule. We have top notch cardio and strength machines, free tea and coffee in our kitchen, superfast WIFI, and showers! All for as low as $35 per month. Add family members for discounted rates.

Join the gym now

Why Taylor Made Strength?

24 Hour Access

Work out when it fits YOUR schedule. The gym is open to members 24/7.

Top-Notch Equipment / Variety

We have cardio and strength machines, free weights and bands for beginning or advanced workouts.


My gym is a motivating space where we support each other to reach our goals. Everyone feels welcome.

Max 15 Members

It will never be too crowded for you to train. We cap it at 15 members at a time in the gym.

taylor cox - before
taylor cox - after

Taylor’s Story

I began my fitness journey at age 18 because I wanted to be as big and strong as I could be. I started out as the typical “bro” lifter, but I wanted to be better. So, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Oklahoma and hired one of the best coaches in the business, Josh Bryant.

My education, Josh’s coaching, and hard work at the gym changed my life for the better. I strive to share that experience with others. I’ve helped countless people improve their technique, get stronger, boost their health, and enjoy more overall well-being.

Not everyone wants to body build, and that’s OK. I like helping anyone who wants to improve their physical or mental health. I set up my gym to be a no-judgement zone with motivation through the roof for everyone. I know how capable you are, and I enjoy helping you succeed. 

kelly brooks

love love it!

"Taylor is awesome and has the best gym around! was a little intimidated when i walked in...but after that one workout, i knew I'd be back! The gym time is now a part of our daily routine! love love it!! 5+ stars for sure."

Here's What You'll Get

Body Building

Increasing overall strength is the key to longevity. Especially as you age, you have to maintain your muscle mass because it will fade away. Lifting weights in the gym is the best way to do that.


Flexibility is the key to being able to do daily tasks—getting up and down, getting out of a chair, picking up groceries—normal tasks that you think you’ll be able to do forever. But you will lose that flexibility over time. Getting in the gym and doing strength training will help you gain that flexibility back.

woman on mountain peak
Better Mental Health

Coming to the gym boosts your mental clarity, makes you feel better and more confident in yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and the gym will help with both.

Happy Customers

This is the old school gym feel! Everyone here makes you feel welcome, very helpful, and you know you’re getting results from time used wisely!

Billy Croteau

I started group training with Taylor about 2 months ago. He is amazing. I’m down 20lbs and 2 pant sizes. I will never go to another gym. The atmosphere is also very comfortable to work out in. Everyone feels welcome.

Monica Colvin

Absolutely love working out here. Everyone is friendly and you don’t feel like you're being stared at or judged because you’re not 100% on how to use the equipment. I promise they have a personal trainer to fit whatever your needs and goals are, all around Awesome place

Amber Jetamine

What Our Members Get

  • Anytime Gym Access (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine)
  • Cardio Machines
  • Strength Machines
  • Free Weights and Bands
  • Free WiFi
  • Max 15 Members at a Time
  • Free Kitchen with Free Tea and Coffee
  • Free Showers

Our Pricing Options

Single-Person Memberships



Simple and Flexible

12-Month Commitment



Annual Payment



Family Memberships

(Immediate Family – Up to 4 People in Same Household)



Simple and Flexible

12-Month Commitment



Annual Payment



What Are You Waiting For? 

Join us now and get started on your fitness journey!
Still not sure? Come by for a tour of the gym! 


What if I need to pause or cancel my membership?

Contact us and we’ll work with you.

How do I access the gym on my own?

Members get a secure code to use to access the gym.

Does Taylor Made Strength have showers and lockers?

We do offer free showers and cubbies, but do not have lockers.

Is it really open 24 hours?

It’s really open to members 24 hours a day.

taylor cox - we train

We don’t work out; we train, in order to have the health, the strength, and the life we want. It doesn’t matter if you just want to get in shape, if you need to regain strength after an injury, or if you want to build muscle. We are a no-judgement zone and want to see you succeed! In the 4 years that I’ve been a personal trainer, I’ve helped hundreds of people get the results they wanted and I can help you, too. In the process, I believe you will find out that you are more capable than you ever knew!

- Taylor Cox // Personal Trainer