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I help people lose weight, get in shape, and enjoy life! Don’t know where to start? I’ll help you. Taylor Made Strength offers 4 ways to train so you can choose what works for you. Whether you want to slim down, bulk up, have more energy, or recover from an injury, you’ll get help so you know what you’re doing and motivation through the roof. This is the affordable, transformative, no-judgement zone you need. Come have a good time with us!

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Gym Memberships

Our affordable monthly memberships give you full access anytime (24/7) so you can train at your own pace, on your schedule. We have top notch cardio and strength machines, free tea and coffee in our kitchen, superfast WIFI, and showers! All for as low as $35 per month. Add family members for discounted rates.

Our Pricing Options




12-month Commit



Annual Membership



Single Membership

  • Anytime Gym Access
  • Superfast WiFi
  • Max 15 members
  • Free Kitchen and Showers
  • Free Tea and Coffee




12-month Commit



Annnual membership



Family Membership

(immediate family- up to 4 members)

  • Anytime Gym Access
  • WiFi
  • Max 15 members
  • Free Kitch and Showers
  • Free Tea & Coffee

Step 1

Signup using the link below

Step 2

Download the Training App

Step 3

Begin training

How does the Training App Work?

Work out no matter where you are or when you can do it with our training app! The app gives you a custom nutrition plan, custom workouts with video instruction, set timers, and feedback from Taylor himself to help your progress. All for only $50 a month.

Training App

You can use the app at home, or in the gym. You get full instructions and a training program, with feedback.


Join our classes for fun, motivation, and accountability. Classes include 2-3 trainers to coach you through circuits around the machines, free weights, and exercise bands. Nutrition plans are included. Attend as many classes as you want (we recommend 3X week) for only $197 per month. Try out a group training session for free!

Personal Training

with Taylor Cox

Want to reach your goals the fastest way possible? Get individual instruction with a training plan Taylor Made for you!

Personal training is expertly customized for you, whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, recover from an injury, body build, or stay strong as you age. You don’t have to do this on your own.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. I’ll meet with you to talk about what you want to accomplish. I’ll design a program that includes workouts, nutrition guidelines, and fitness strategies to meet your goals, and schedule your private sessions. 1:1 coaching is $50 an hour.

I began my fitness journey at age 18 because I wanted to be as big and strong as I could be. I started out as the typical “bro” lifter, but I wanted to be better. So, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Oklahoma and hired one of the best coaches in the business, Josh Bryant.

My education, Josh’s coaching, and hard work at the gym changed my life for the better. I strive to share that experience with others. I’ve helped countless people improve their technique, get stronger, boost their health, and enjoy more overall well-being.

Not everyone wants to body build, and that’s OK. I like helping anyone who wants to improve their physical or mental health. I set up my gym to be a no-judgement zone with motivation through the roof for everyone. I know how capable you are, and I enjoy helping you succeed.