How Often Should You Train?

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This is a big question I hear from a lot of people. And it’s a concern that keeps a lot of people away from the gym. They think that if they sign up to start training, they’re going to have to spend all their time at the gym and never do anything else.

They’re usually happy to find out that’s not true.

I start out beginners on working out 3 days a week. Even when people are more advanced, I rarely have anyone do more than 4 workouts a week.

The reason I do that is because recovery is so important. If your muscles can’t recover in between workouts, your sessions won’t be as good. Not only will you regress, you could end up with an injury. That time in between workouts, you need to keep your recovery on point, with active rest (cardio), nutrition, and sleep.

I’d much rather people spend less time in the gym by showing up only 3-4 days a week, so they can recover in between. That way, they’re ready to put that effort back in on workout days and have a great training session. High energy, no injuries, and an effective workout.

About the Author

Taylor Cox is a personal trainer and the owner of Taylor Made Strength. He uses his education and experience to help others improve their health and fitness with no judgement and lots of motivation.

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